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Partnering with school teachers to help educate children and the public about history is one of the things we enjoy most. There is no better way for school children to learn about Civil War history than to visit a reenactment.

“... I felt like a soldier!”

If you are a school teacher, why not make your next field trip to a Civil War School Day. Many of the reenactments on our schedule include a School Day on Friday (contact the event organizers of each event for details). At a School Day, children and their chaperones will have the opportunity to see and participate hands-on in many educational activities. Below are pictures from several School Days where the 3rd Texas Cavalry has presented plus a report by one of the students who participated.

Civil War School Day

3rd Texas Trooper Josh Emshoff shows how sharp a Cavalry sabre is.


Civil War School Day Accoutrements

Students try on soldier accoutrements.


Civil War School Day Saddles

3rd Texas Cavalry Lieutentant Gordon Lentz explain Civil War period saddles, tack and horsemanship.


Civil War School Day Horses

3rd Texas trooper Steve Clinch lets children ride a horse with a Civil War saddle and tack.

Civil War School Day Hoop Skirts

3rd Texas ladies, Mary and Marie, explain the finer details of hoop skirts.


Civil War School Day Virginia Reel

Students learn to dance the Virginia Reel while Randy provides fiddle music and the Major calls out the steps.


Civil War School Day Music

A student tries his hand at making some old-time fiddle music.


Civil War School Day Games

Students join Ashli and Haley playing Civil War period games on the lawn.



Report of 8 May 2009 Visit to Zavalla ISD by Zavalla student Delila Gray
Third Texas Cavalry
By: Delila Gray


“... I felt like a soldier!”

The Civil War came back to life for Zavalla ISD on May 8th, 2009. A Civil War re-enactment group called “The Third Texas Calvary,” came to Zavalla to speak and have activities about the life and times in the mid- 1800s.

“The whole experience was so wonderful, it was hands on and you can’t beat that.”

said 8th grader Jordan Courtney. They brought with them a tent and supplies that looked like it had come from General Lee himself.
They also had guns, a bugler, horses (old saddles), and clothes. After they told us about the Civil war and answered our questions, we got to participate in many hands on activities. The bugler taught us some commands on the bugle. He then lined us up and let us follow each command as if we were actually in the war. We got to march, halt, and lie down then rise up. “The bugler was my favorite, I felt like a soldier!” said 8th grader Sarah Cooper.

“ I could actually see myself wearing that.”

The bugle was not the only good part. The girls got lots of information regarding women back in the Civil war times including some suggested books about how women dressed up as men serving in the Civil War. We also got to put on a hoop skirt and wear it. “ I could actually see myself wearing that,” said 8th grader Donna Williamson of the “fancy” skirt.

Don’t think the boys got left out! They got to experience the pistols and rifles first hand. We learned how long it took to fire the gun, how long it took to load it, and what branch different weapons were used in.“Guns have definatly advanced!” said 8th grader Chaston Townsend.

There were many other fun activities, among these were learning and performing old dances, and even playing a fiddle from back then. It was not just adults making a difference either, they had two kids with them, one 7 and one 13. They seemed to really love giving up their day off at school to come and bring history to life for others.

Don’t worry we did not keep all this history enlightenment to ourselves! We broadcasted throughout the state via Region 7 video conferencing. There were many other people and schools from all over Texas watching as we had this fun and educational experience. Grades 6-12 got to participate in this event, and even some elementary students got to take a peek back in time!

I am truly grateful for the experience,
and I know it is something that I and many other people will remember for the rest our lives.