3rd Texas Cavalry

Schedule of Upcoming Events for the 3rd Texas Cavalry 

If you would like to camp with us or just drop by for a visit during one of these events, please contact our commanding officer, Major Dyson Nickle by email at info@3rdTexasCavalry.org , by phone at (936) 366-3316. We'll keep the lantern on for ya.


Battle of Fort Crawford  Oct 13-15

Get ready to join us in Hallsville for the Battle of Fort Crawford and the Gum Springs Heritage Festival!  Witness Civil War era demonstrations by syrup makers, blacksmiths, spinners, basket weavers, artillery battalions and re-enactments including outlaws, Indians, and soldiers from both the Confederate and Union armies.



Liendo Plantation    Nov 17-19       
Historic Plantation Leindo, near Hempstead Texas is one of the older land grants in Texas . It is the site of the first large cotton plantation in Texas located near Hempstead and is the plantation mentioned in Texas History texts as Groce’s Plantation where the Texas Army stopped to train before its victory at San Jacinto.

The house that is on the site hosted Sam Houston and George Custer. It is a great setting for a living history event. 

Liendo Plantation is located in Hempstead, Texas – 55 miles west of Houston, just North of Highway 290, on Wyatt Chapel Rd., in between Liendo Parkway and 1488.


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Sam Davis New Year's Ball  

Palestine, Texas  
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Mark your calendar for next year's ball: January 2018
This event is a Period Ball only. The 3rd Texas String Band performs the music and calls the dances. Members of the 3rd always attend this event and have a great time. For more information, contact  Deborah Robinson by e-mail at samdavisball@yahoo.com.

Battle of Blackjack Grove  Feb​ 17-19

​Brought to you by the Trinity County Chamber of Commerce
and The 3rd Texas Cavalry
Come and witness history come to life!  The Trinity County Chamber of Commerce will host a living history camp, complete with 19th century battles on . Feel the ground shake as cavalry charge to battle; hear cannons roar as artillery fire; and watch infantry clash in combat.

Living History and Civil War Reenactment Troop

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