Ladies Welcome

women in the Civil WarSome reenactment groups are designed to be for men only or may not be suited for women or children. Not so with the 3rd Texas Cavalry. In the 3rd, our wives, daughters, sisters, and small children are a beloved part of our group and they are always welcome in camp and on the battlefield.

The ladies in the 3rd Texas play a variety of roles. Some play the part of male soldiers. This is a difficult role to fill but our ladies do it very well. Not only do they ride and fight skillfully right alongside the men, but they do it all without letting their true identity be noticed by the spectators.


VivandierOn occasion, ladies in the 3rd Texas have played the rare and interesting role of a vivandier. Vivandiers were women, dressed as women, who either fought with the troops or accompanied them on the battlefield to provide medical aid, comfort, and refreshments as needed.

Always appreciated are those ladies who support the War effort by cooking up authentic Southern recipes from the Civil War period. Ears of corn roasted over the open fire, Dutch oven biscuits, and "apples and sausage" have all become favorites for the 3rd. Ladies and men both take their turns cooking and doing the dishes but somehow, the ladies cooking always turns out better.

Most reenactments include a period correct Ball on Saturday nights where the ladies show off their finest Southern Bell hoop skirts and join the men in waltzes and reels. Yep, that's right ladies. These reenacting men actually dance and for the most part, act like real gentlemen, white gloves and all. If your man doesn't know how to dance, don't worry... we'll teach him how.

And if these roles aren't enough, women in the 3rd may also play the roles of nurse, seamstress, and others. While the ladies are encouraged to stay on site for the duration of the event, some of our ladies have been known to occasionally sneak away to join the "motel militia"; enjoying a clean shower and more comfortable bed.

civil war ball gown ladies ball dress

One of the ladies of the 3rd Texas Cavalry