No Horses, No Problem

Many members of the 3rd Texas Cavalry do not own or ride horses. Even if you don’t own a horse you can still be a member of our group and participate in the battles as “Dismounted” Cavalry.

During the War, Cavalryman often would dismount, leave their horses a safe distance from the enemy, and proceed forward to fight as skirmishers. So, it is just as accurate to see Cavalrymen fighting dismounted with their carbines as it is to see them fighting mounted with their pistols. The dismounted impression is especially accurate for our group because during the War, the 3rd Texas Cavalry was in fact “unmounted’ for about nine months, having been ordered to send their horses back to Texas.

Dismounted Cavalrymen have a lot of fun at reenactments for a number of reasons. For one, they usually march and fight in a less strict formation than do Infantry. Secondly, they get to carry a lighter carbine compared to the heavier 3-banded long rifles. Third, whereas Infantrymen and Artillerymen are often prohibited from carry pistols, Cavalry men are allowed to carry pistols. And hey, who doesn’t want to shoot one of those cool pistols. Finally, Dismounted Cavalry usually see the most action during a battle because they typically are sent in as a loose band of skirmishers before the big lines of Infantry take the field.

One benefit of being a member of the 3rd Texas Cavalry, is that our Dismounted Cavalrymen do still have the chance to be around horses and enjoy taking an active part in caring for and working with them. Our horse owners are more than happy to give riding lessons and allow group members to share in the fun of feeding, brushing, and leading the horses to water.

So come on and "Jine the Cavalry". Even if you are on foot.