Children Too

Want to know where your children are on the weekend? Bring them to a reenactment and they'll be spending the weekend with you. Children are welcome in our group. Reenacting is a great way to spend time with your children doing something really fun and learning together about real history.

Parents should be aware that a Civil War campground has lots of open fire pits, lots of horses walking about, and lots of loud gun fire and cannon blasts. Children who are comfortable and safety conscious in this type of environment will have a great time caring for the horses, watching the battles, playing period games, dressing as a child of the era and camping as a Civil War soldier.

Children are usually not allowed to carry a weapon until they are 16 years old and have been well trained. It is not uncommon at small local events to see children play the safer role of flag bearer or musician as early as 10 or 12 years old.


3rd Texas Cavalry children at Liendo 2008