Got Horses?

If you are a horse owner, you are familiar with the strong bond between a horse and rider. You know the smell of leather and dust. You know the thrill of riding your horse and feeling its personality and power. You appreciate both the freedom of riding and the responsibility of safety.

horses cavalryNow imagine you and your trusted mount, decked out with Civil War clothing, guns, and tack, and riding through maneuvers as part of a group of like-minded friends who are working to become well-trained and dependable cavalrymen. Imagine too, the excitement of hearing the bugle sound the "Charge!" as you race in formation with guns-a-blazing toward a line of enemy soldiers. There's nothing else like it!

Members of the 3rd Texas Cavalry sometimes play the role of mounted couriers during a battle, delivering orders and messages from the top commanders on the field to direct the overall battle scenario. These, and many more, are the unique experiences of a mounted Cavalry reenactor.

Our group stresses safety for all horses, rider, and spectators. We also enjoy learning about and teaching the best practices of good horsemanship.

If you are looking for a unique and fun experience, consider reenacting with us. Get that horse into line, Trooper!




horses on picket line

The Lieutenant inspects the picket line as troopers stand "To Horse".


cavalry drill

Practicing formations during drill at Liendo 2008.